70% of the world lies just below the surface and the PADI Discover Snorkeling Experience is the first step towards exploring the underwater world. Take your first step with confidence with helpful tips and suggestions to make the most of your glimpse into the watery world.

What do I need to start?
Minimum age: none
A completed and signed Discover Snorkeling/Skin Diving Statement

What does it take?
The desire to see a brand new world.

How long will it take?
Approximately 120 minutes. We will visit the underwater marine park Cape Madona

Where can I go from here?
After skimming the surface of the underwater world, there is nowhere to go but down, below the surface that is. PADI Discover Scuba Diving, PADI Scuba Diver, PADI Open Water Diver certification and the wide variety of PADI programs that will help you safely explore the underwater world are available to help you further your adventure.

Stop by DIVESTRONG 5*IDC CENTER for more information about the PADI Discover Snorkeling program today.

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