Wreck Maona Rossa is an ideal diving point for divers who do not have experience with wrecks. Immersed in the middle of the Piran bay, with the bow facing Piran. The boat lies at a depth of 21 meters, a length of 34 meters.
Wreck Maona Rossa vessel is without its own drive; it is a kind of trailer that is used to transport various types of cargo. Piran Maona Rossa underwater reigns since the times of the Second World War, immersed was probably due to the underwater mines. In its surroundings still find 3 underwater mines.
Dive on wreck Maona Rossa is carried out by boat, which brings us to the wreck, where is moored to the buoy.

It is recommended to make a circle around the boat to see the wreck from the outside, as well as look at the crossbars (the one reached by the rope, which is mounted on the boat). When we have looked at it from the outside, it is time to rise to the "deck" where you can swim under the crossbars. The whole dive lasts between 35 and 45 minutes depending on the air consumption.
Wreck Maona Rossa, in addition to the depth and size is also very interesting because of the rich life. When you swim at the outer part of the boat, a good look into the hole, as there is a good chance that you will in any of them saw a conger eels or lobsters, while swimming for the "deck" could well open your eyes, because it is full of naked snails in the opening bow while home to conger.

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